Ten Questions to Siegfried Schreck 

by Barbara Tampieri

When did you discover digital art and when did you start working with digital images?
My first brush with computer graphics took place in the mid eighties. I saw a few Graphics in a book and despite the fact that they did not suit my taste, I still was very interested because they were produced with the computer.
In 1998 I started with digital Photography. As a finishing touch to my poems about Hamburg I designed a web site with digital images, that I refined with Photoshop 4. That was the beginning.

Do you have any experience in traditional art or photography?
No, none or let's say very little.

Which programs do you use to create and elaborate your images?
Primarily I work with Photoshop. Sometimes I use Picture Publisher if I work With Photo collages.

How do you feel working with pixels instead of brushes is changing traditional art?
I believe in two levels of painting - one is the traditional with the brush. The other is painting with pixels.
Both techniques are perfectly capable to co-exist as one can already see in todays Art. It was never easier to express and present own feelings in art and what could eventually create a downside balance for the traditional painting. Question: what would Rembrandt have done, what direction would have been his decision if computers would have existed in his time? 

Do you always look for a certain effect and atmosphere or may they just be the result of a casual process?
I have never counted the mouse clicks a painting takes to create and finish. There are definitely thousands maybe tens of thousands and naturally I always look for effects for new experiments. I spend a large amount of time to develop and refine aspects. The same goes for the colours. An atmosphere for me is the surrounding, the room, and the space in which I work. It is the temperature, no noise, and no glaring lights.

Surely can a specific atmosphere be the result of a relative secondary process. The colours of a painting can trigger some sort of a "colour rush" with me producing a serene and warm feeling within me.

Do you have a favorite subject (humans, nature, abstract)?
Abstract is definitely my favorite but that does not exclude possible future directions I may want to explore.

If you were to recommend a program to a newbie who wants to start working with digital images what would it be?
Paintshop, Picture Publisher and Photopaint are good for the beginner because they offer a wide range of effects and paint techniques with enough room for advancement. And they are not as expensive as others.

Where does your inspiration come from? Can it be the reproduction of your imagery?
It would be wonderful if one could always create just purely out of e specific mood (this would be the ideal and should be). But my creations are very often hard labor. Meaning that if necessary I sit hours in front of the computer until the „spark" finally explodes and I have the gate to a new painting opening. The viewer only sees the result without knowing the process that was involved.

Can digital art as a new means of artistic expression offer more than painting, illustration, etc. or is it something totally different?
Digital Art is at the beginning stages of its medium. Especially here in Germany it has as of yet relative little recognition. But the development will strengthen and increase over the next years. I do believe that with the 21st century a new culture within art started. Digital art is one form that expresses this new age. Digital art will itself parallel to traditional painting and offers a wide range of experimentation and open discussion fields. The present is for me as digital painter exiting and full with suspense - a big adventure.

What do you want to communicate with your images?
I came as a songwriter and poet about three years ago to digital painting. I see this form of painting as another big challenge. Partially my poems flow in to the colours meshing with the paint and thoughts join in. To be able to convey this as a whole to the viewer is my pursuit and what I wish to accomplish.

Thanks Siegfried!
Thanks Barbara.

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