Paula  Barclay - University of Exeter UK - 2001  

Siegfried Schreck was born in Bottrop in Germany and works as a technical foreman.
In 1980 he began to write poems and has published four books, he writes lyrics for
several musicians. He, like many contemporary artists has chosen
the internet as the environment for his art work and poetry.

His art work is described as digital painting. It is freehand painting using the software's
tools. It is very emotive and dreamlike. He uses Adobe Photoshop, Picture Publisher and other
graphics programs to make work.

Due to his relative exclusivity, to find comment of his work is difficult, although he is known,
according to many galleries where his work is displayed, for his 'superbly painted and meticulously
executed work'. Through email contact, he writes that the influences for his paintings come mainly
from poetry, he is self taught with no formal training in art. His aims are to translate poetry into
imagery, which is why his work has been described as digital poetry. With no real role models he
believes he is still developing his own style and currently uses some techniques that he hasn't seen
used before in computer art. Citing famous critics, dealers or philosophers is not yet possible, except
about the medium in general.

I would cite the Expressionistic styles of Kandinsky and Klee as influences in terms of colors and movement, although he claims to be working entirely from within.

Siegfried Schreck has exhibited artworks in many web galleries largely in the United States. Having won such awards as 'Master of 2000' in the BTDesign Annual Art Award, his work was
described thus:

His geometrical and abstract paintings are dominated by a sense of serenity and his Hamburg landscapes with the ships, the gardens and the architectural fore-shortenings perfectly
depict the heart of the Hanseatic City.

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